Betrayed By Friend And Beat Up Bad When I Was 13

One day i wore a cute miniskirt & boots to school and I guess it made the older girls jealous and angry. my best friend Kayla wanted to join the 'cool' group of older girls so she convinced me to go with her after school for a 'suprise', knowing the older girls were waiting to jump me.

i knew something was wrong when she took me to the woods where the older girls hang out and smoke. but it was too late because i was surrounded by 4-5 of the girls and their guy friends were yelling 'come on beat up the lil tramp'.

i dont remember much after that. i know i was yanked down backwards by the hair and fell on my back, and another girl sat on my midsection and started punching my face like crazy. my legs were kicking  in survival mode and raising dust but i think that just made the crowd cheer more.

rumor is the crowd cheered super loud when i went unconcous and stopped moving. and that Kayla was high fiving the older girls on a job well done. apparently everyone stayed there a while to smoke n celebrate and even invite their friends to come see.

but everyone was gone by the time I woke up
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I was 14 when my friend turned on me. She asked me to hang with her at the park so I changed into a red tank top and matching capri pants. I didn't realize her new friends would be waiting for me. Two girls grabbed my arms and held me with my back against a tree. They then took turns punching me in my belly and jabbing my boobs. With the tree behind me, my belly received full force of their punches. Their fists would squish my guts. At times when her fist was deep in my belly, she would push it further. That really pushed my breath out of me. I remember how scared I was as I felt my breath being punched out of me. After they beat me up I was held with my legs spread so my ex friend could kick me twice in my vagina. I thought I died.

I was beat up when I was 13. Yea it was over a boy. He was 15 and very athletic. Lots of girls liked him. We were friends becouse we lived on the same street. Unfortunately he never liked me that way although someone thought he did. She followed me from school and we got into a fight. I didn't want to becouse she was bigger and older and I knew I wouldn't win. I never really got any good hits on her. She punched me in my face, my belly and my breasts many times. I stood doubled over several times and other times I would drop to my knees gasping for air. I had a black eye and my mouth was bleeding. I surrendered to her. Standing against the fence I raised my T shirt and tied it. No more facial hits, I asked? Punch me into belly if you still want to beat me up. I was hoping she would just walk away. As my arms were wrapped over the fence she punched me in my belly another six times. Each breast was jabbed but when she kicked me between my legs I grabbed my crotch and folded. She laughed and thankfully walked away.

I was fourteen when my friend turned on me. She lured me to her house so she and her new friends could jump me. I thought we were going swimming so I wore my bikini and shorts. My arms were tied above my head stretching me to my tiptoes. They removed my bikini top and pulled my shorts down. Punch after punch slammed into my stretched belly. My body ached as I was stretched tight. They took turns smashing my boobs. Tied like this they just pointed way out and were easy targets. She also **** busted me I think four times. Two painful uppercuts between my legs and two direct hits to my pubic bone. I clearly remember staring into her face and watching her fists implode my belly. They eventually cut me down and told me to leave.

were you crying?

I can relate to this story. Sadly, a girl I thought was my friend, also beat me up when i was a teenager.

that scks were you dizzy after who helped you home