Beaten By My Woman

I go through a weekly beating from my woman, even if I did no wrong!
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41-45, M
6 Responses Jan 18, 2013

How bad do you guys get beaten?

This is such a misunderstood & underrated thing & probably more common than most ppl will realise or admit to
I once knew someone who was in this kinda domestic violence seems its okay for society to accept if its the other way round but not this way round
she needs help

It's not alright if it's the other way around. Actually, I think it's better that the woman hit the man because in general, men are stronger than women.

What a *****

Same for me!!! She gets shear pleasure from hearing me begging her to stop...! It's really a bad beating when it's that time of the month.

You need to get yourself out of that situation, immediately.

Not as easy as that... I'm not allowed to leave unless it is for work or she is with me.....