Beaten And Humiliated

My mother always made me wear girls knickers, everyone at junior school knew I wore girls knickers and the girls teased me mercilessly . This was way back before thongs or even bikinis had been thought of. I wore white girls full knickers.

When I was 11 I was walking in some woods when I came across a gang of older girls. Some of them had been to my school and knew I wore girls knickers. They said to the other girls there is the little pansy who wears knickers. Before I could react the oldest girl who was about 13 grabbed me by my hair and punched me in the face and then stomach. The other girls surrounded me and punched and kicked me. The eldest girl then said" let s have a look at the pansies knickers 2 then to me " take your clothes off"
I refused, they then punched and slapped me again, by this time I was in tears, I gave in and took off my shirt and trousers. They all screamed and hooted at my knickers pulling them by the elastic and slapping me in the face.

They then pulled my knickers down to my knees and saw my tiny pre-pubescent ****. That brought out another round of hoots and screams of laughter. One of them said " No wonder his mother dresses him in girls knickers his **** is so small she thinks he is a girl " They then flicked my **** and slapped my bum. This went on for ages.

Their final act was to pull me to the floor by my hair and then gave me a good kicking. They walked off with all my clothes except my knickers which were round my ankles and my vest. I had to walk home in tears in just my knickers and vest.
tinatim tinatim
56-60, T
Jan 20, 2013