2 Of 2 .....So Far

I say 2 of 2 becuz I kinda expect it to happen again oneday because of who I am (a junkie *****)
The second time I was beaten up
I was out scoring some gear (drugs) & was on my way to catch the train home when two guys appeared from nowhere....I froze on the spot...looked around & to my horror there was nobody about...just up the street there was plenty of ppl/traffic.......had a moment to consider running to that.....shouldn't have considered should have just done it because it was too late. They laid into me, in silence.......when I was on the ground curled up trying to protect myself they kept kicking.....broke two fingers on one protecting hand.......& they kept stamping on one ankle which was wrecked
It was minutes but it felt like hours. When they were done they said '******* junkie queer' this was in the days before I was a prostitute so how they figured the queer part, idk
I got my phone (still working fine) & called a taxi.......I told myself it wasn't so bad so didn't need an ambulance
At the hospital was taken into surgery to stop internal bleeding. Had to have a blood transfusion for all the blood loss. Stayed in hospital three more days. Then had to go back after six weeks to have physiotherapy on my shoulder which had been torn. Was put on a waiting list for surgery for my ankle. In the meantime couldn't work and was on crutches. The surgery for my ankle was over six hours long & I was in a plastercast for four months
Weird thing, probably because of all the medical stuff, but I wasn't so shaken up...suppose by the time I was venturing out alone (months later) again my mind had recovered from it
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31-35, M
Jan 30, 2013