My Wife Got Beat Up Part 3

Two weeks had passed since my wife was beaten by the two girls I hired at the hotel. Her stomach was still bruised and she was still a little sore from the beating she took. She questioned me about why I did not give the girls the money and why I would put myself in through the beating I did. I simply told her I enjoyed it and she did not say to much. As much as she sis not want to admit it she liked it too. We had a sitter for the night so we were on our way to go to dinner and walk the levy. We try to do it about once a month or so just to keep our sanity.

We left our house about seven and drove about 45 minutes to the levy where the restaurant was. As we walked in we were sat at the table that I had requested when I made the reservation. We sit at the same table everytime we go. We at our food and headed out the door to walk to the levy. My wife told me she needed to use the ladies room before we go. I went outside to smoke while I was waiting for her. As I am standing there waiting on her I heard a creepy and very familiar voice behind me. I turned around and it was no one other then the blonde girl that gave my wife the beating of her life two weeks earlier. She turned her head and saw who I was right away. She marched right over to me and asked if I had her money yet. I said no. But you sure as hell took the money out of the beating my wife and I receieved so you can consider that payment.

She turned beat red and started yelling at the top of her lungs. I pulled $2000 out of my back pocket and she instantly calmed down. I told her to walk with me and we would figure this out. After about two or three minutes of talking I handed her all $2000 and she walked away. Just as she turned the corner to go around the building my wife walked out of the restaurant. We clasped arms and started walking towards the levy. Little did she know this would be a night neither one of us would ever forget.

As we walked further down the levy we both stopped to look up at the clear night sky. I had not seen the sky that clear for as long as I can remember. Off to the right my wife noticed a neon sign at the end of the alley. She lookked at me and said she was in the mood for a drink. I told her I thought it best to walk around. She said it was faster and she needed to use the bathroom again. Against my better jusdgement I agreed and we started down the alley. We got about ten- fifteen feet into the alley when we heard whispers behind us. As we turned around to see who it was I was grabbed by my arms and turned around with my back against the wall. There was one guy holding each of my arms and another walking towards me. I did not recognize any of the men. My wife started yelling for help and she turned to run down the alley to call the cops. She did not make it ten feet before I heard the loudest OOOUUUUFFFF I had ever heard. By the time I had noticed what was happening my wife was on her hands and knees gasping for air holding her stomach. From behind the trash cans walked the girl that I had spoke to and handed the $2000 to earlier in the night. She had grin on her face, boots on her feet and her fist was clenched like she was waiting for my wife to get to her feet so she could hit her again.

I was to concerned about her that I was not paying any attention to the my issue at hand. When I realized that I was still being held against the wall I saw something out of the corner of my eye. As I got my head turned to face the guy walking towards me I watched as the wide end of what looked like a baseball bat plunged into the middle of my stomach right above my belly button. I was unflexed and not expecting it. All the air I had left my body and my knees got weak. I could not even cough, I just stayed there trying to ge my breath back when three hard knees rammed into the upper part of my stomach where my ribs and solar plexus were. I could not stand anymore. I fell to my knees. The only thing holding me up at this point was the two guys still holding my arms. The guy in from of me backed up, took four steps and kicked me with steel toed boots right in the belly button. I thought that the pain that I had endured the last beating was bad. But this is something I never expected. The two guys handcuffed my hands behind my back and let me drop to the ground where I laid trying to stay concious and catch my breath.

I could not see good for about thirty seconds. As my sight started to come back I saw one of the guys walking down the alley towards my wife who was starting to stand up. He grabbed her hair and spun her around. The look on her face was pure fear. This is not what I paid the blonde for outside the restaurant. I was the one who was suppose to take the beating not her. She was suppose to be restrained and only punched once or twice. With fear on her face I saw her start to try and back up down the alley. But as soon as she could get started the blonde grabbed her arms and held them above her head. My wife knew had no idea what was coming and I was affraid to see. The man reached in his pocket and grabbed out what looked like a roll of quarters out of his pocket and wrapped his large fist around them. he did not say a word. he walked up and slammed a hard right into her stomach and pointed his hand up at the last minute to make it an uppercut. The punch landed right on her belly button and she went limp. She could not stand on her own but the blonde behind her tightened her grip and forced her upright. The guy threw three fast rights into her stomach right above her belly button but below the plexus. HUUUNNNNNGGGG! OOOUUUUUFFFF! OMG flew out of her mouth with every punch. She became to much weight for the blonde to hold. She buckled after the last punch and dropped to the ground holding her stomach. The two guys that were holding me up a few minutes before hand emerged from behind me and stood to where I could see them. I knew it was my turn again.

The first guy jumped three steps forward and kicked me right in the solar plexus. I wanted to groan but I couldnt. The second guy follwed that kick with the hardest kick I had ever seen that landed right in my belly button. I puked instantly. I was done. I just prayed to god they were too. After the second kick the two men walked over and picked my wife up off the ground. She was still to weak to stand but they were much stronger then the blonde chick and they could hold her weight. The blonde chick walked in front of my wife and grabbed her face to make her look her in the eyes. Remember me *****? The blonde chick yelled as my wife was trying to catch her breath. I dont think my wife would know who I was at this point. The blonde stepped back and brought both fists up in a fighting stance. She hit my wife with a left right in the liver, the next punch was a right just under her ribs right in her actual stomach. For about five mintues she alternated with left and rights on the sides of my wife's stomach. She must have punched her 20 times. With each punch my wife let out a sickening grunt that made me want to cry, I can not imagine tha pain she was in. The blonde looked like she had started to slow down a bit when out of nowhere she reached behind her and grabbed a bat that was leaning against the trash can. The two men grabbed my wife's hair and pulled back making her arch her back into a modified back bend. She started to cry. I saw exactly what the blonde saw. As my wife started to cry she was unflexed. Her stomach was being pushed outward because she being made to lean back. The blonde waited for the right time and drove the bat into my wife's belly button as she exhaled. HUUUUNNNGGLLLLLLLL!!!!! was the sound that came out and she instantly fell to the ground. The guys did not let up the hold but my wife was on her knees. The blonde stepped back and kicked my wife in the lower belly just under her navel. She screamed, cried and moaned all at the same time. The two men let her go and she went into a fetal position holding her stomach. The man that had been hitting me looked at the blonde and asked if the job was done. The blonde looked over at me, looked down at my wife and told the man no. Blind fold them and put them in the van. Its time to have some real fun.

This is not what I paid her for. Now I was getting scared....

To Be Continued.....
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Well you deserved the beating, what i cant understand why would your wife you to hire people to beat her up, and why did you do it,