Not Again:(

I haven't gone to school the past few days as I was recovering from my last beating but I had to get food. I didn't make it there before I got ambushed by the same idiots who attacked me. They thought I called the cops on them. They beat alot more than last time. I was able to walk home to look at my injuries. My face is covered in blood because they took a brick across my face. I defiantly have broken ribs. I can't move my left hand or put any weight on my right leg. I am struggling to breathe and I coughing and weeing blood. I am going get a taxi to hospital but I still won't report it.
Quadamputee Quadamputee
22-25, M
1 Response Jul 21, 2013

This is awful. Good that you get medical attention for it. But why won't you report it? They've assaulted you---they need to be stopped.

Yeah I agree, good luck with the future!