My life is pretty much over. I was getting bullied at school this morning by a couple of girls. What do guys do in order to deal with them. They drove me insane until I lost it and push one of them over and she landed in concrete with blood pouring out the back of her head. The teacher came out and grabbed me but I got scared and pushed her as well. I ran out the school gates. I was terrified as to what would happen. I had only one choice and that was to go back to my mums. When I saw her she was sleeping. I looked at her phone and there were 40 missed calls and 30 texts. All from the school. I decided not to wake her and I had to get some food. But I forgot one major detail. The girl who I knocked over had an older brother who hung out with a group of thugs. I was pulled into an alleyway with a hand over my mouth to stop me screaming. He said I hurt his sister and that I would be seeing more of him. There was no point resisting. He could break me like a twig. He scrapped my face along a brick wall. I could feel blood flowing down my face. He then took a knife and cut off my tie, shirt buttons and ripped it of. He punched me right in the stomach. I have never felt anything like that pain. The second time I threw up. The third got me in my side and I haven't been able to breathe properly since. He then cut my chest just above the belly button 5" long. He said he is going to see a lot more of me then he pushed me to the ground which split the back of my head open. He took my money and left me on the street. It took me 2 hours to crawl back. My mum is still asleep. I've cleaned my face but when I was in the shower I had a massive pain in my gut. I could hardly move. I got to the toilet and I was shocked when I began ******* blood. I triple checked. It was blood. I call my friend who says that he got a 3 day suspension just for laughing and I am so expelled. I hardly lasted anytime at all. He is also refusing to see me as he thinks he will get beaten up too. Anyone got any ideas. My mum is going to kill me. Help
iamsodead iamsodead
18-21, M
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Tell the cops or some type of authority, if you don't it's going to get even worse, plus do you live in the UK?

Come clean mate your mum will understand tell her everything that's what parents are there for. Trying to hide everything won't work. Better to come from you than school changing the story and you trying to correct it will sound like your lying. Just wake her up and ask for help