My childhood was hell. No family and no friends. Just bullies who had nothing beater to do than steal my clothes or knock me off my bike. When I was 12 got beaten up really badly I couldn't move. I just laid there for hours until a paramedic found me making sure I was ok. I refused treatment and went home. I wish how I hadn't done that. He was the one person who showed me kindness and I blanked him. the next day I nearly died. I got surrounded again and I tried to fight them off but I was too sore and I got overpowered. I was beaten to a bloody pulp. A passerby call an ambulance and the sirens scared them off. The same paramedic team helped me then and I couldn't refuse treatment. My nose, cheekbones, jaw and skull were fractured. I had a six inch long skull fracture. My eyes were swollen shut and I had a fractured eye socket and am blind in my right eye permanently. I am also deaf in my left ear as a bleed developed causing damage to ear parts. My collar bone was broken and got so badly displaced that it got wedged between my windpipe and thyroid artery. 16 ribs were broken and were putting pressure on the surrounding organs so that my lungs collapsed and diaphragm ruptured and put a hell of a lot of pressure on my heart. My stomach was leaking acid around the rest of my abdomen. My privates had been kick repeatedly and got swollen and burst open. My pelvis was fractured and bled heavily. My fingers were mangled and numb with both arms broken and bloody. They amputated my left arm simply because my heart could no longer support it and it wasn't worth saving. The doctors did their best at it but it went at the shoulder. My legs were also broken very badly and it was clear I was never going to walk again. My legs were amputated above the knee. This is a message to everyone on this group. I was a healthy stupid fool who refused help. Now I'm a half blind half deaf triple amputee who would bee lucky to live another few weeks. If you are getting bullied for god's sake get help and whatever you do don't end up like me. Please
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Poor guy, some wise words. I hope your not in pain