Bend Me Over And Take Me!

one of our local neighbors jim,and i have allways kinda flirted back and fourth with each other.jim was in his early 40's as i was just 18.i used to clean jims house for him after school.i did kinda have a crush on jim,and wounderd what he'd be like in bed.on my 18th birthday after school i was at jims house,and told him i legal now.jim told me he'd should get some finally.
as i went down to the basement to clean,i decided i wanted him i took my panties off under my skirt.then called jim down to help me move i reached up on the shelf above me,so jim could see i had no panties on.with my back to him,he did notice my bare ***.the next thing i heard was jim takeing his pants off.jim moved behind me,as i felt the warmth of his **** against my ***.jim moved us over to the pool table,as he bent me over and flipped my skirt up.jim knelt down and licked my *****,and ******* he stood up,i saw his long thick **** dripping with pre ***.jim pushed me down over the pool table,as he enterd my wet ***** with his thick ****.
jims **** was one of the thickest ***** i've taken,and a good 7 1/2 inchess long.jim sank every inch of his hard **** deep inside my *****,as he stretched me open for him.jim held it inside me for a few minutes letting my ***** get used to his thickness.then he ****** me good and fast makeing me *** allover his tool.jim pounded me hard and fast makeing me *** several times this way,until he filled me up with his hot ***.
jim moaned to me.while i'm back here,i might as well **** your *** he done my ******* the same way.of course it hurt more due to his thickness.never the less he gave both my holes a really good *******,leaving them full of his ***.
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3 Responses Jun 12, 2011

Sorry, got carried away... it would have been your boyfriend not hubby cleaning you up.

Mmmm sounds like both you and Jim had a good time! Too bad you didn't have your hubby there to clean you up afterwards, but you did get to enjoy feeling his ***** ooozing out the rest of the day.. ;-)

what a brilliant story, hope you have more