not Always Planned...

I've been ***-****** whilst bent forward over a table, by several differnt guys, on different occasions, sometimes it works better than others, mainly it depends on the height of the table, and the height of the top who's taking me. Sometimes high backed sofas/chairs work well too, and I love those spontainious times, for these, and especially the spontainious times my fiance, at the moment, comes into the kitchen, and just takes me over the kitchen countertop, or the high kitchen table we have.
One of the other things I really enjoy, asides the spontanious, lust-filled moments, when my man just has* to take my boy-****, is the few times I've been tied up, to a table; Again the height and length/width of the table seems really key to this, but when it works.... Its such a glorious feeling of vunerability and submision, being tied down to a pretty0much standard bit of house furnature, like a table, and then just 'raped' by a guy forcebly...a
One of the best times must have been a few years back now, with two gay guys I knew, who took me like this in their flat; they tied me down, hands to the legs at one end of the table, me facing down, and then spread my legs, and fastened them to the legs at the back of the table; really opened my hole up wide, and gave htem perfect access; One of them ****** me from behind whilst I sucked off the other guy, and the first did me really hard and violently from behind, until he exploded inside me; then the guy I was sucking changed to the back and started pounding me, whilst the first guy let me taste his ****, covered in my own ***-juices, his seman and the lube... glorious; I had some really bad bruising on my butt-cheeks and round my anus for days after that, which was a loverly reminder, and they were both pretty-big guys so my hole was well stretched out too for a day or so... Just gorgeous being taken so roughly and by two dominating men, whilst in such a submissive position as being tied down on a pretty basic ordinary kitchen dining room table...
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allisoncder- Me too, I always love the times when I've been taken, over the course of a day by multiple guys, bareback, and their *** just builds up inside me, such a fabulus slutty feeling knowing you've got three or four or more guys *** inside you, slowely leaking out into my panties..

love the story i would love many guys to **** me and *** in my ***

Oh, I'd love, and do love that, having multiple guys taking me, one after the other, adding to the *** already inside, using the *** as their lube to **** my hole with... I can only guess at the pleasure a top gets from ******* a bottom like me; I just never really got into being a top, when I've tried, it just never did it for me in the same way that letting other guys **** me, does it for me... Well, in order for the tops to have fun *******, I guess we need bottom ***** like me, who want and adore and lust after takign the top's **** deep inside... I've had to use my ***** on my hole twice today, just to try satisfy my anal needs...

Sounds very hot! I love being a top and ******* another guy in the ***. Feels SO AMAZING to have his *** grip my penis while thrusting in and out. I would love to do it after another guy had just finished. Feeling another guy's ***** on my **** while I did anal sex with the first