Mom, First Love And Husbands Have All Betrayed Me.

I wonder if there is any hope for me to see the world differently.  I've been betrated by just about everyone who's ever been close to me. My mother betrated me from the time I was 4 until she died 15 years ago.  I told her her boyfriend was molesting me she had him put a lock on my door then she married him.  I had a high school boyfriend who cheated on me every chance he had.  I got married when I was 21 and my then husband chose drugs over me.  My now husband of 18 years chose Second Life over me until I forced the issue.  He doesn't care that his cheating and lies about Second Life have hurt me more than anything in my life.  I feel so inadequate and so unloveable.  How does one get self worth back?
Alastryna Alastryna
May 7, 2012