Under My Table Where I Eat?!

This happened a long time ago, but I will never forget this and I will always trust my instints on people,even if I think I am wrong.
I work at a fast food restaruant as a shift manager. My brother used to work at the same store as a crew person. This guy, (we'll call him T) started befriending him. T had been working at the store a year longer than I me, but sucked at nearly everything. He was strange and very akward, but nice. I felt bad for him, so we hung out, just the three of us.
T started coming over at my house at weird times. He had come over one night at 12 am and stayed until 3 am. I was alseep and he wanted to see me, but my brother told him to leave. He had a hell of a time getting him out.
He'd randomly show up at our doorstep after that. One night I opened the door to let the dog out, and there he was. I have no idea how long he'd been there.
One day, I was working at night because I had school durring the daytime. He was hanging out at my house while I worked. I had some trouble with an employee, so I talked with the assiant manager for about an hour. He came to the store with my brohter (it was only down the street from my house) to talk with me. I had home work to do so I went home. And T stayed for the entire time. It took me two to finish it, and he sat there doing nothing. I told him to leave numerous times, and he didn't. I was talking to my boyfriend when I noticed he had his pants unzipped, and IT was out, covered by his yellowed underwear, but out through the zipper. And he was touching it. I got up to leave, making an excuse that my computer wasn't working and I needed to go to bed. He stood up and touched me in the elbow with it. I ran out of the room. I didn't know what to do. I was so shaken; it was either fight or flight, and I just chose to leave the situation.
I surprised myself because I actually considered keeping it a secret. It was too embarrassing for me to tell anyone, and I had almost convinced myself that it wasn't that bad. Eventually, I told my family and work. He got fired and my brother stopped talking to him. Then he started harrassing us. He called my house all the time with a blocked number and work too.
I think he is still obssessed with me because he started showing up at my work again. He used to come in everyday. I just wish I'd never have to see him again. I'd rather not deal with his creepy behavoir anymore.
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Believe me, I tried. The cops would not have it. They said because his **** was covered up, nothing illegal happened. They did stop the phone calls.