This Wound Has Never Healed

I had these two best buddies since middle school.  We ran around together all through high school.  Ed was my college roomate freshman year while Bill went to the army.  At college Ed and I met Sam and later atter Bill came back home we all continued to party and do things together.  When we had girlfriends (later wives) then there would be four couples getting together.  All was well except Bill, who never married, would always be eyeing my wife even when he had a girlfriend in tow.  Later I got the seven year ich and divorced my wife.  Then I found out she had been with Bill and later Sam as well. 
I always lived by a Man Code that a guy's girl is always off limits to friends.  Forever.  I never slept with any girl who's guy (present or former) was a friend of mine, let alone a girlfriend/wife or former girlfriend/wife of one of my three Best friends. 
It has been over 24 years since this all happened.  I have not spoken to Bill or Sam in that time.
jgrantoldfart jgrantoldfart
51-55, M
Aug 12, 2010