Pain Is Not Always Good....

After completing my engineering I shifted to Mumbai.I was quite lonely in the city.I wanted do my MBA so I joined a crash course for the same and met one girl there.It was quite nice to observe that we both had most of the things common.As she was from non-engineering background she always wanted my help.I was also quite happy as I got someone to share my feelings.


But unfortunately the girl was consrvative but that was not a problem for me.After few monnths we became good friends.I did everything from my side to help that girl.She was also picking up the things well.Both of us performed well.After the exam I wnated to shift into finance domain.As she was working in Finance i asked her to refer my Resume.But she declined to do that. I felt quite bad and was quite upset.I had done so much for someone but the other person is not doing a little favour to me.But I said its fine at last she is my friend to I forgot about it.

After a month back we ahd to apply to one of the premier institutes in India.She was facing a problem in feeling that form.I spare time from my busy schedule and helped her.She was quite happy. I also felt quite satisfied as i helped my best friend.

Then the shortlist for the institute came and my name was not there but somehow she managed to get shortlisted as she was in finance.I was quite disappointed.I couldnt believe it.So I asked her to sahre her resume wid me.But again I dont know what went wrong that girl declined to share her resume.She told me that she was not comfortable sahring it.

SO this was an end.Sometimes you stretch a lot and do something for someone as you find someone special.But people dont value your emotions.They just betray you.They ditch you and use you.

I dont know where I went wrong. Its very difficult to recover from such situautions when do a lot for someone and in favour he/she just say no to you evrytime.

But everything in life is a learning experience.Whatever you do he watches you.He increases your count as you do good work.The ultimate aim of life is MOKSHA.IF you do good to someone he will reward you.He is the sole decider.

People like this will come and go but you have to do your best.Only choosing right people around you is the this was my experience.Next time I will be careful while owing my evrything to someone.

anandisonline anandisonline 21-25, M Jan 15, 2008

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