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Behind My Back

We have been best friends for many yrs. We each run small firms and help each other out when we can. I have a female admin who looks after much of my work and she knows my friend and his firm. I have often wondered if I should try to date
her but she did not seem the type to date a married man . My best friend just told me that he has been dating her and having sex with her for a couple of months. He is also married. I am hurt. Do I tell her that I know?
I know it is no big deal but it hurts. It does not pay to be good
anthony2001 anthony2001 61-65, M 2 Responses Jan 15, 2011

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You're married. Instead of trying to inflate your already small ego then do something positive for your wife and family, if you have kids. The real road to true happiness is doing for others. Your worth as a man isn't measured by how many women you have in your life. In fact, your worth isn't very much if you cheat. Maybe that's why your pride is so minimal. Why get married if you're looking to date? Duh.

She does not know I found out by accident. It was their secret. He thinks it is a joke that he got to her first. My male ego is dented