She Believed A Complete Stranger Instead Of Her Friend

My friend, El, I considered her like my older sister. I loved her to death. We worked in the same school and even when I was transferred to a different school we still kept in touch. Well one summer I took a course at a college as a visiting student to get more credits. Well this professor looked like El. So I told El and she thought it was pretty funny. Being that I get along with everyone, i even told the professor and she laughed and thought it was funny too. So those 2 began to communicate and the professor introduced El to a guy who thought would be a good match for her. Well let's just fast forward to 7 months later. This guy never bothered to see her in those 7 months. He lied to El and broke her heart several times. And this was my friend so I was always there to cheer her up whenever she was down. The night before my bday El asked if i was the guy! Confused and shocked, i said no. She's spoken on the phone with him. She knows what he looks like. Why ask something as crazy as that! I said no and continued to do what I was doing. A few weeks later I get a call from public safety from that college. Apparently El was harassing the professor and the professor (being a coward) denied knowing any of us and asked to fix this. So I told public safety the story and he didn't believe a word I said. He told me he was going to arrest El for harassing her and me for my involvement! I freaked out! Both El and I are teachers and if we get arrested we lose our jobs. I didn't wanna risk that. So i told this public safety guy a complete lie. I "admitted" to being this guy. As sick as i felt, t was either I lose my job or I lose a friend. With the way this economy is and all the student loans I owe... I need the money. So I told him all this stuff that isn't possible and he believed every word I said. funny thing is I know so much about computers the things that I said was not possible or even if it was... you'd need special software/equipment etc.... and he didnt know that. He just believed it. If he wasnt gonna believe the truth i may as well just make something up, right? I left the office so sick, i was throwing up. I didn't eat for months. I knew my friend would hate me but for her life and job I saved her. She could've gotten arrested, lost her teaching job and license and that's it... she cant get a job anywhere else. what does El do? A friendship of 6 yrs immediately died by her believing public safety and never once asking me why i said what I said to him in that office. She told me to leave her alone and never speak to her again. So i did just that out of respect. She believed a stranger and never approached me. I did so much for her. Not only was i always there to cheer her up, I lent her money because she was broke at one point due to renovating her home. I paid for her food whenever we went to have lunch. When we took trips with our friends I paid for her share cuz of how broke she was. And I valued the friendship. A lot. I guess she didnt. Instead, she made awful lies about me to our friends and they all believe her and not me. I've lost respect from all our mutual friends. I just can't believe that she would do this after all I did for her. And I'm not even the type to hurt someone. With work, school, my own love life, my financial situation.... I don't have time to concoct a person and toy with her heart. I don't have that much time on my hands. It's just common sense. And public safety... they pretty much fooled me cuz only later did I find out they have no power to arrest because they're just security. Nothing more. But this guy really fooled me and broke up a great friendship... and my friend believed a complete stranger and not me.
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Sounds to me, you are more of a friend to her than she is to you. Probably have been for a long time, but you just never noticed. Do not waste any more time with El, she is an idiot and does not deserve a friendship like yours.