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A Broken Promise

I had a friend who was friends with my ex. And mind you, we had just broken up. We hadnt been broken up for a week (yea. Its gonna be one of those stories) and my friend called me and asked me if i would be bothered if the two of them were to date and i said yes. I told her to promise me she wouldnt date him and she promised she wouldnt. Next day i find out they are together. I wasnt upset about that, i was upset that she broke her promise. Well, she dumped him, and after a long time we worked things out. But i refuse to trust her as well as i did before.
positively3negative positively3negative 16-17, F 3 Responses Apr 2, 2012

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Okay hen i'll let you off, just read one of your stories mum / dad and i'm so sad too think these days happened. :( :( but i take it your doing well in everything you do<br />
Scotland's okay but its so cold and wet. Sometimes the sun comes out and then the rain,rain,rain. Been lovely to chat and "I'll be back" as A Swarzenegger once said<br />
Sure you don't want me to be your over the pond step/step/step dad. The horror of it !!!!!!!!! take care P3N

Lol thanks!

Nae problem hen Its good to laugh. does it snow and rain in Illanoy in the USA and stop lol at my spelling or i could make it worserer

Och naw dinnae say that, i'm so hurt with that comment lol. Ireland miles away from Scotland and its spelt Kilarney my friend, oops a daisy. I only drink Guinness And what's wrong with SCOTLAND

Thank you for correcting my spelling and i find nothing wrong with scotland! I want to go there someday! My friend went there for vacation and she absolutely loved it there! She said it was beautiful

I understand and as we say in Scotland, once bitten twice shy and it never does get back to how it was. Your friend shouldn't of been total sneeky tsk tsk. Bet your glad i'm not your dad, to full of great advice (not) x

No way! You are from scotland? My family is from kelarney ireland