I'm Kinda Scared...

Okay, so I'm home-schooled. I have been for 2 years so far. I don't know if i wanna go back next year. If I do will my friends reconize me? Only 1 but close friend has kept in touch. Her Parents split causing her to move into a diff neighborhood causing her to go to a diff school. They gonna move again cuz they hate it there but she'll might still go to a diff school. If I go back she might not be there! Well anyway if I go back will my friends reconize me? Treat me differently then they did 2 years ago?
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1 Response Apr 30, 2012

Maybe they'll recognize you. Maybe they won't. Maybe you will make a completely new group of friends. Your new friends will be so great that long stretches of time will pass between the times you think of your old friends. :)