my friends are very few or where i don't have any now i don't trust anymore because i moved back to my dads at age 7 went to a new school met Angela she was awesome we had fun she did say i was weird ok but she said i was funny i relied on her loads too much but she had confidence in spades i was fat unintelligent etc she made friends easy i tried to be like her i didnt become her twin just tried to be friendly her mum was OK quite though i never knew why till later at high school she started to change a bit i have always liked older men and i fell for a geography teacher wrong yeah but i trusted her to keep quiet did she no she said i was sick in the head maybe i am anyway i was buying something from a catalog her mum came round i was in with my teacher companion lets say in other study's at home she shoved a note through my front door telling me i wasn't to see Angela again i was a sick person for going with this guy he was single i made the moves yes he was older anyway she said if i came near her daughter or house she would fess up my relationship with teacher to police also had to pay of cataloge debt i was so stunned that she had told her mother i felt so very hurt and betrayed i was disgusted at her i felt guilty that i had these feelings for this guy who was older but it really wasn't his fault i persuaded him now id lost her i told her i didn't know why i felt like i did about him she seemed to understand told me she was ok with it then that note
i have recently seen her on Facebook and i contacted her her mum is in hos she is married with kids im single things didn't work out but i learned a lot like who you can really trust any way i talk to her but not about the past just idiotic stuff how are you etc oh kids look fine im dashing round the real topic but though im talking to her i don't forgive her if she had a secret i would've kept it she knew i loved him i know you-ll say she was worried but she told me at time she knew how much i loved him i mean i really did her m,ums note knocked me for 6 i haven't told her about her mums note i dont know if she knew about it or mum posted it secret still note to everyone dont trust your so called best friends i did this really happened to me and it hurts me where talking 15 yrs after thats how much it hurt
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Sep 6, 2012