My 'so-called' Friends...

A 'friend' uses you to accomplish a means to an end..

When you cry, they callously brush it aside and yet expect you to sympathise when things arent goin right with them..

Where are they when you need help? They are doin their own things until its time to call you to their side..

Still, through it all, you have remained their friend. But when will this end? Hands stretched out expecting, always with a friendly smile on their face. Yet, when you look at them, there's no trace of deceit inside.
They swear they are ur friends n somehow make you believe it..

But reality has set in.

The smiling eyes, the caring words, were they ever true?

You've always been there for them...but..

The lil' sacrifices, the words of encouragement you gave, are overlooked when its all about them..

Hurt and Anger builds up. What else would you expect?

A change for the better, is that too much to ask???
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2 Responses Oct 19, 2012

Sounds like they don't respect you. Might be kind of a hard proposition, but withdraw all tangible help (money, rides, free places to crash, whatever), and see if they remain your friend.

Having friend's that are only around when they need something is no friendship at all.

some are friends for saying only u cant find them in ur needs but u will find true frnds who will be there in both the darkest and brightest hour with you

yes i think i have read that confession