*** Kissing To Be Famous

When I has over at my friends place he told me he was gonna be in a music video then I asked he said no I said I will do anything then he said anything? Then he said kiss my *** and I said seriously then he said yes so he pulled down his pants nothing else then he said kiss my *** so I did then he said that isn't good enough then he slowly pulled down his undies even for a boy he had a really cute *** then he pushed my in the corner and put his *** right in my face and said kiss it so i did and when my lips were about to touch his *** he put he hand behind my head and pushed in and my face was in his cheeks and I kept kissing his *** and he said that we are even then he turned around and pulled out his **** and shoved it down my throat and I sucked on that **** for about 15 minutes then he pulled it out and I went for a sleep when I woke up I was tied to a bed with my knees up and my arms tied his mum was a big fan of this stuff then I heard her voice she said hey big boy and she had a strap On and she was ready to **** me senseless and my friend was in front of my face naked then his mum slowly started to **** me doggystyle and then she got excited and started to **** me harder then they brought in their pitbull and It ****** me for a good 30 mins meanwhile my friend is in front of me with his *** in my face making me kiss it and giving me the stinkface and then he turned around and made me suck his **** for 30 minutes while his mum ****** me hard as all hell as soon as he let me out I dragged him to the corner and pulled down my undies And stinkfaced Him for 40 minutes then i made him suck my big **** for40 minutes Also then I ****** him in the backyard Like the dog he is he was begging for more so that's what I did i ****** him now we Do it all the time
gdjduchchs gdjduchchs
18-21, M
Dec 3, 2012