They ******* E D My Girlfriend

A few years ago I got a good job working in the Canary Islands. It was a long way from home, in fact the Canaries were the furthest place in the world from my home in Queensland. I arrived, settled in, made some good friends, and got to work in my new job.

About a month later my girlfriend came to join me as planned. She quickly settled in to life there, joined my circle of friends I had, and made a few of her own. Fortunately i was getting paid very well, and the cost of living is low there too, so she did not have to work. It was cheaper to eat out than to cook at home, so meals were cheap, alcohol was cheap, and drugs were plentiful there. I did ask many of my friends to look after her for me while I was at work, and I asked the girls to look after her so she could have girlie nights if they wanted to. I have never had a problem with her having male friends, because she was always such a sweetie to me. I knew she was going out during the day but she always asked me what time i would be home, and she was almost always there waiting for me.

Anyway, as the job was winding down and I was planning on heading home, my girlfriend left about a month before me, because she had been invited to a good friend of hers wedding. Fortunately or unfortunately I lost my phone only a day before she was leaving, and I used her phone to send a message to my best friend back home. I was quite upset because she was leaving and I wouldn't be seeing her for what seemed like ages, although it would only be a month.

Just before she had finished packing to leave, she told me I had a message from my best friend, and to grab her phone and look at it. When I did I couldn't believe what I saw. The first few words of each message was displayed in her inbox and the next message said, "I don't care if you are on your period...." I was like WHAT THE *******? and I know I shouldn't have, because it was a message for her, but i clicked on that message. It had been sent the previous day and said, "I don't care if you are on your period, its our last night together so we should make it special" I couldn't believe it!!! This was a friend of mine, who I personally asked to look after her while I was at work, I just didn't think he would look after her that well. There was another from him that said, "Let me know when he goes to work so we can ******* at yours today" In my bed!!!

I knocked on the bathroom door, and said to her, "I have done a horrible thing, which I shouldn't have done. I looked through some of your messages."
She said, "why would you do that?" because I had never done it before.
I said, "I know about you and Joey"
She just said, "Oh......I will be out soon" I didn't know what to do at this stage. I knew Joey was on his way over because I had invited him to come to the airport with us because they had become pretty good friends. Every thought went through my mind, what do I say to him, will there be a fight? He is my friend. I was so upset that she was leaving, then 30 minutes before she left I found out this. Anyway, when he arrived, I just walked away. they went to the airport together.

So, as you can imagine, I was distraught for a few days, and if that wasn't bad enough one of my friends joined me in the pub and dropped a big bombshell. He said, "You know she slept with heaps of guys while she was here?" I just felt ill. I asked him who, and he refused to tell me, I guess he was worried that there would be trouble if he did. I stormed off. Later that evening, I ran into a female friend who also hung out with my girlfriend when I was at work. I confronted her about it and she admitted to me it was true, and then listed a long list of names of people she had slept with. Every one of them was a friend that I had introduced her to. Most of them had filled her full of alcohol and cocaine, and seeing as I was the only one of us earning money, she didn't want to use any of it for drugs because of my stance on drugs. I would have queried why she was spending so much. So my friends, who were supplying her came up with a good way for her to pay for it. Thats the evil of drugs. From both sides. The other friends she slept with were just because they made it sound like a good idea at the time. The most humiliating thing was that so many people knew and didn't know how to tell me. Thats why she always wanted to know what time I was coming home from work.

Tensions were high, because everybody was expecting trouble to boil because of it. But in my opinion if I was going to fight someone over this then that would mean that she was worth something to me, worth fighting over. But to me, she was now worth absolutely nothing
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You have a great girlfriend. Lucky cuckold.

Very wise words

u know i wish i could be half as strong as u

It also happened to me, the only difference is that I wreck my best friends face.

this is so horrifying.....bad habits can lead to anywhere.......

I guess she was very stupid , and she deserves anything . and that's a big issue that many people in the world don't respect the relationships