Because I'm Not So Hardcore

Yeah. Just because I didn't want to pierce my nipples, make out with some guy I met 30 seconds ago at a party, or because I didn't go to parties to make out with some guy i met 30 seconds ago! Oh and sorry for NOT wanting some idiot who just bought a tattoo gun and decided they're going to do tattoos tag me for the rest of my life. But that's okay you go ahead and get that amateur crap on your hip so you can feel so much better about yourself. Sorry that I don't try to have sex with strangers I just met (30 seconds ago) because I've been in a relationship for over 2 ******* years. And unlike you I'm loyal to the people I date. But that's okay as long as I was there for you and gave you what you needed and took all the blows and did all the work so you could just experience EVERYTHING we did together and bask in the glory that you had no right to take. You were lazy, selfish, and disgusting. And all money I spotted you. When you're selfish parents didn't give you a cent for lunch money THERE I WAS giving you money for lunch that I earned myself selling friendship bracelets at school. I never asked for it back. All I wanted was for you to treat me like I treated you. But you were too good for me. For 6 ******* years we were partners in crime. For 6 ******* years we did everything together. On the 6th year you threw it all away. I just wasn't cool enough anymore. I wasn't funny enough. I wasn't there enough? Perhaps i did something wrong. But that gave you no right to ditch me for some girl who hated me. Who dedicated her senior year to making mine a living hell. Never in my life did I ever eat lunch by myself because someone took the time to make people stay away from me. Never in my life did I think I would sit in a room and watch you make fun of me with this girl who has done nothing for you. Never in my life did I ever imagine you would be my bully. When you cried I was there for you. 3 in the afternoon or 3 in the ******* morning. I was there. I was there when your dad got a divorce because his exwife was a selfish ***** (but that's another story). When your stepsister sat there and called you a slob and you felt so alone take a guess and tell me who sat there and helped you pick up her nasty *** crusty thongs. There is more to this story. But I will say this. Now you're a lunch lady. And I have my own damn cubicle. You don't go to school. I'm already starting my second semester. I'm happy and made new friend's that I thank God for everyday. You spend time at your rebound boyfriend's house because the guy you were crushing on for 4 years and dating for 1 was sick of your lazy *** and didn't want you to drag him down either. Oh and by the way i'm still in a relationship with the guy I mentioned earlier and we're engaged. I don't need you. You're worthless. See what hanging with the "wrong crowd" can do to a person? You've dug your own hole now lie in it. I'll just be over here soaring with the eagles. And one more thing. WHO'S THE ***** NOW!? I've always wanted to say that... c:
buhren buhren
1 Response Jan 7, 2013

It is a really bad experience......and u are so brave to get over with this guy...........