All I Could Do Was Crying

Part 1 :

I'm gay man , and I have been betrayed by my own friends in the new year's party . I recently knew a med student guy called KARIM from my neighborhood ,little by little , we became so close to each other we share everything together , we used to stay to watch the moon , and after all that we slept together , and I felt that got something for me , and actually he showed that feelings to me ,even I introduced him to my family , and we were so close ! even I invited him to know my friends and all and he was clearly happy , and by the end of the year , I have a friend that he invited me to attend his birthday party at the same time to spend the new year's party together , and he asked me to take a friend with me if I like to , so I decided to take KARIM with me , because I like him and he liked me back , and before we go hi told me that we should stay together all the night because he doesn't know my friends that they invited me , and promised to take care of him and agreed to stay with him all the night long we went to the party and everything was good , and I met a friend there that he already betrayed me with my ex boyfriend and I forgave him for that , and they suggested a game with drawing of lots , we write our names in a smal pices of paper and then we choose randomly , and the name of the person that choose will be tighted to you by a red robe and saty together fot the whole night till the morning we were 6 guys and 8 girls , and i actualy at first i refused to play that game because KARIM doesn't know any of them and so did 4 girls , but the friend that he betrayed me already and I forgave him he insisted . any way we all agreed to play that game , and I guess the traitor friend of mine he liked KARIM and he just asked me before the game do I have feelings for him and I said yes , and informed him that I slept with him several times and in the coming period we would have a real date , and all the people in the house noticed that , because of the hugs and the kisses of KARIM , anyway , we palyed the game and the Traitor choosed the name Of kARIM and he was extremly happy and I choosed the name of my best girl Friend we satied her and me together drinking because we are tighted together , and after a while I asked KARIM to stay next to me to talk and maybe gving him a kiss , and Traitor and KARIM refused to move next to me , then the traitor used the moment that i was busy talking with some friend and he took KARIM with him to the bathroom , and I Actually I have noticed thier absence and I went to the bathroom to check them , I catched them kissing and hugging half naked , so I was choked and they went out from the bathroom , like nothing happened i yelled at them , and i gave them a lesson about ethics and my other friends calmed me down , and he came to calm me down with kisses and hugs and i Totally refused and then i want to another room to change the air and get calmed , I stayed in another room about 30min with a friend of mine and he seemed like he loves me , LOOL , so i refused to do anything with him , because I really respect the presence of KARIM , and when I got back to the other room where I was , i found KARIM kissing the friend that he invited me on the floor of the room , so i decided to take my things and go , it was 5 in the morning and he didn't even bother himself to go with me , and he stayed in the house of my friend ''the Traitors'' and he even doesn't know them , I arrived to my neighborhood about 30min later and i couldn't get home because i was so angrey and depressed , so i called him and i asked him to come to see me immediately , he refused first but than he came to see me , and he told me that everything is okay and everything is gonna be alright , and he said that ''the traitors'' to switch his phone off or to put me in his phone black list so i can't reach him , I felt very disppointed , VERY .
I told he to never call me again and i wanna see him again , and i want him out of my life , and he said that he will see ''The traitors" again , and i know he will sleep with them .
I'm very SAD and desperate ....

Part 2:

today I found out that karim deleted me from his fb and so did the ''Traitors'' , and I saw on his wall (his wall on fb wa open to public) that ''The Traitors" added him on fb , i'm so angry , and i feel like i need to take a step to do something about that , i'm sitting here just watching , Oh god i feel like wanna blow them or burn them all alive , but i know i wont . so in your opinion what i should do ?
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get yourself some new friends because nobody should be treated like this