Should I Forgive?

i used to consider this girl my best friend, of course that was before i found out about all her lies. she was constantly lying to me to keep me from hanging out with other friends and telling me that they didn´t actually liked me, that they were just pretendig to like me. we weren´t exactly popular but we were both friends with a girl that was actually popular, and the three of us became inseparable, or that was what i thought. the truth is she was actually lying to us to get us to stop being friends and that she could kinda become kate´s(the popular girl) only friend and that she would become popular. kate and i busted her in some small lies and decided to let it go. in christmas break she made a fake twitter account and began saying some horrible, pretty messed up things about us. she told us she though some girl we hated did the account but then we discovered that it was her who did it. after christmas break we decided to go talk to her and find out why she did something like that. she told us that she didn´t do the account by herself. when we tried to confront her about all her lies she told us she never said those things. we told her that if she really wanted to be our friend she must tell us why she did it and be honest with us and she just kept quiet, so i asked her if she wanted to be our friend and she said she wasn´t sure. at first i was angry and mad but right now i´m just dissappointed that our "friendship" meant so little to her. kate forgave her and now they kinda hang out but things aren´t like they used to between them, and i just stopped talking to her. i dont know if i should just forgive her because i miss her, i mean, she used to be my best friend after all but i believe that if she cared about our "friendship" she would have already come to apologise or something and i just don´t know if i can trust her again. most people told me to let it go and forget about her, that she´s the one that at the end will have no friend and will end up miserable, but someone told me that if i still care about her and i want to be her friend i shouldn´t let time pass and spend the rest of my life angry at what she did. and if i forgive her i dont want her to believe that her actions dont have consequences.or maybe i´m just making a really bid deal out of nothing... so i´m not sure of what i should do.
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1 Response Jan 12, 2013

I agree with ComesBackAgain. You should forgive her for your own wellbeing. I don't know how your friend or ex friend feels but your anger and feelings are your own and to move on you should forgive. Forgiving doesn't mean forgetting. My advice is to talk with that person and really reevaluate what type of character they have.

But a broken friendship is like any other relationship. There's a reason why it ended. And there's a reason why things went sour. So if you want to be friends again, really talk it out and make sure she respects your decisions and who you are. And if she doesn't...there are so many other people in the world that are waiting to meet you.