I had a friend for two years. We started hanging out over summer and every time we went out it was perfect. We didn't need to do anything exciting to have fun just being together was enough. We went out to eat and the waiter was flirting with me but I was interested in my friend so I didn't flirt back. I kept it polite and thought nothing of it. A few days later my friend asked me out, I said yes and he was so happy saying we'd be one of those long lasting couples and how he couldn't get me out of his mind since we hung out. Two weeks later he bails on me during a double date. When I ask where he is he's at the same restaurant with the waiter. I jokingly said he must have a crush on him, because that's where he's taken me on all our dates, and he's been to the place almost everyday that week. He revealed that he was never really interested in me, he just wanted to use me to get the waiter. He didn't even dump me before trying to get me to hook him up. I'm not upset because he's gay, it had to take a lot of courage for him to accept that. I'm mad that he lied to me and said he felt something for me. He liked someone else and used me to get to them. We were friend for TWO years, I would have gotten the guy's number for him easily, but he had to go to the trouble of toying with me. We have four mutual gay friends, he knows i'm not homophobic. There was no reason he couldn't just be honest with me. If he was that uncomfortable coming out to me he should have respected our relationship and found another way.
Alibooksaplenty Alibooksaplenty
18-21, F
Aug 16, 2014