Thats Why I Don't Have Many.

During my freshmen year of high school I took theatre arts.  I loved it so much, I decided to take it again the second semester.  I used to be a bit more outgoing back then, so that kind of stuff was fun for me.  When I started second semester I realized that none of the kids from the first semester class were in that one with me.  I didn't know anyone.

One day this girl and these two guys she always hung out with invited me to come hang out with them.  We all clicked.  I had seen her around, making out with her girlfriends and stuff and had misjudged her, I grew to love her (not like that).  The four of us were always doing scenes together.  One of the guys developed a super crush on me.  He was always flirting, but I was being an idiot chasing after some way too old guy, so I always turned him down.  The girl, Renee, had serious bf at the time who she claimed to be in love with.

The following school year, I saw the guy that liked me, and I realized that I'd been dumb for turning him down.  I realized that I liked him alot.  So I started having another friend "talk to him" for me.  You know, that high school crap.  When she asked him if he would date me, he said, "Totally if I didn't ahve a girlfriend."

So I was waiting on him to break up with this girl.  In the mean time, I told Renee all about it.  She wrote me a note saying, "I know how you feel, I am in love with him too."  Well, this freaked me out because she was still good friends with him, and I felt threatened.  I told another guy friend, who went back to Renee and told her how I felt.  She was upset with me, she said, "I would never do that to you, plus, my boyfriend still lives with me and we're in love."

A couple weeks later I invited her over to stay the night with me.  She was acting weird.  She told me that the guy I liked was supposed to meet us at the mall, and "Don't get mad if he starts putting his arm around me and stuff, we're pretending to date because this weird guy always stalks me at the mall."

We went to the mall and he never showed.  The whole time she was looking around like a crack dealer checking to see if poilice were coming.  Finally she demanded that I call my mother and have her drive us to the movies.  We went to the movies and there, Renee kept looking around all crazy again.   I didn't know the guy was expected there.  During the movie she kept saying, "Give me money and I'll go get you a snack." even though I wasn't hungry.  Then she would go to the bathroom.  Finally when we left she saw him coming in on our way out, she started laughing and talking super loud to get his attention.

A week later she called and told me, "Me and (the guy) have been going out for three weeks.  I just didn't want you to hear it from someone else."

So that whole weekend they were dating and she didn't tell me, days after she told me she wouldn't do it, she did!

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The most unfortunate lesson of all you just learned...A wolf in sheeps clothing is still a wolf. Find a friend that really understands you and will not go after someone that you are intrested in. That and remember"what tangled webs we weave, when first we practice to decieve"