Who Needs Enemies When You Have Friends...

My story isn't a very uncommon one... but it was very upseting for me..

My boyfriend of almost 2 years who was unbelieveable. He would always tell me how important I was to him and do cute little things to surprise me. He was always my shoulder to cry on and the first person I wanted to tell good news to. He acted like he worshipped me. He acted like he was head over heels in love. I was my best friend for those two years.

Well to get to the story, we had a female friend in common. She had been my friend first, friends for four years. She was my partner in crime, and so much like me in the beginning of our friendship.. But as the years went on she was always snappy with me. Treated me like I was scum. Like I was stupid, worth nothing..

She had slept with an old boyfriend of mine that I still had feelings for, but I couldn't be too upset with that I mean I wasn't with him. But now I kinda look at it as foreshadowing.

She was very attached to my boyfriend... she was always with him... always calling him. She never called me anymore unless to get in touch with him. I always had a feeling she liked him but she always denied it. And my boyfriend always told me he only wanted me.

The summer after our senior year of high school, she started a fight between my boyfriend and I about something stupid I had told her in private not thinking it was a big deal anyway. So me and him fought and she was right there to comfort him... I wonder if she planned it that way. A silly little fight that lasted a total of maybe two hours ended up with my boyfriend and our friend in the back of his car...

He confessed a few days after and begged for forgiveness... but he destroyed the trust I had in him as a best friend and a boyfriend

And her... well she wasn't apologetic... .. she told me I was rude to her.. as if I didn't have a right to be.. our friendship ended immediately. She still calls my now ex-boyfriend, and he ignores her calls.... but I never hear from her...

I know it's for the best... but how do people that you are so close to... betray you like that..

Nobody can hurt you as bad as a friend can... because a friend knows you inside and out and knows just what buttons to push...

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Yeah.. I don't understand either.. but I seem to find more and more people like that in life. =/

First of all, that girl stopped being your friend. <br />
<br />
secondly, I won't make reasons for your ex, but I think she purposely took him in when he was vulnerable.<br />
<br />
Third, you don't need her in your life... though, I have to say, I don't understand why some people you trust and love can do that to you when we protect and do almost everything for those we love, right? =(