I Got a Car

I had the most amazing thing happen to me today.  Our car broke down on Monday.  we only had one car.  My husband works 30 min. away from home.  Since I have been off work for so long the money to get the car fixed or even get another car was not possible.  My husband came home this morning and lefft again before i could properly say hi to him.  he came home about thirty min. later and was driving a car.  I asked him how he got it and he said that while at work lastnight he and another coworker found out about another coworker's hardships.  This guy named Jack.  Jack has a nephew who is 4months old and has leukimia, and it is so severe that the baby needs hospital care and will have to be there for 6 months but the family has no insurance, so Jack was going to adopt the baby just to put him on his insurance only to find out that since this is a pre-existing case his insurance wont cover the stay either.  So my husband and his friend went through the job site and took up a collection, jack had no idea what was going on , as men tend to hold there mouths better than women.  lol  Anyway they presented the money they collected (400.00) to Jack when there shift was over.  Jack was so surprised and cried, he didnt think anyone would care this much about his situation.  What he doesnt know is that alot of these guys are involved in different clubs and do raffles so there are going to be fundraisers and donations being taken for this little guy.  If that isnt blessing enough, to be a part of such a loving , caring circle of guys/coworkers, to be a part of something so selfless that they would put there own needs aside for a small child, well lets just say real men do cry.

We needed a car badly and because of this act of kindness, Jack gave my husband a car. GAVE it to him.  Nothing is wrong with it and it is just what we needed.  He knew we were in need of a car on Monday, but said that he just felt like instead of us paying for it , due to the donation he recieved on behalf of his nephew, he wanted to give something to us.  How great is that?  This little fellow is going to get better and we are going to do anything we can to see to it that he lives a long , healthy life.  I praise god for this blessing and for all the blessings he gives to all of his children.  He will heal this little boy and whoever helps in the process will be blessed as well.

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What a great story! WOW! makes what a testimony of God's greatness and faithfulness.