Mother Is Puzzled Again.

She is wondering why she was block again?

So she had to blocked that person too.

This is getting  so silly.

mother1983 mother1983
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Ah.. You are right.

Probably friends of the earlier fools who blocked you, so no harm done... It's just annoying at times, that's all... : (

Ah.. You have a good point.

I stand by you n ever seen anything in stories or comments from your penmanship that warrents a blocking you always give good advise perhaps thats why cos people don't want to hear things that are not to thier liking.

Sure. You are the last person I'm going to add now. No more friends in my circle. Too many friends already...<br />
<br />
425 friends. That's not include fans. I have a lot of fans too.

Thanks WIB

you have lots of friends here mother ... don't worry about the one or two idiots ((hugs))

I to! am sorry SM2010!!! :(

That's okay whateverrrr.

Sorry mom.

Very happy to hear this,Grandparents are so needed for children . She is very lucky~Yes..been a few months now..few months to go.....Will recover to almost 100%..thank goodness! part of life..this and that ..Thank you...good night for me.....see you soon..Take care you and your family! nice to chat again..

You are sick. I'm sorry. I hope you get well soon..

I'm good. She is good. She was on vacation with grandpa and grandma. They are back now. <br />
<br />
They will going on vacation again in June.

Getting better, few more months..should be good as new..I are you and your daughter? I never block back not worth it...

Thanks Candy. How are you?

Mother if they block you, they miss out on a special friend"You"....hugs :)

Don't know why someone would block you...I think blocking is something you do only if absolutely necessary (like if the person was menacing you in some way), and I've never seen anything from you which would warrant blocking.<br />
Try not to worry too much over it. (((HUG)))