First Time I Sent Email As A New Member: She Blocked Me

Holy Cow, her mood read something about having been betrayed and I left what I thought were decent words of sympathy.  Then she inferred I was somebody else and blocked me.  "No good deed goes unpunished," as they say.  It's too bad she is hurting, but damn, what's an unsuspecting guy supposed to do?  Sorry Kitten...hope you get better.  I am not the person who offended you, honest.


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3 Responses Mar 9, 2010

hehe I was going to report the group too lala! Oh well I am glad it is okay.

Woman, I was going to report this group!!

awe that sucks. I wouldn't think too much about it. There has been a lot of attacks on people on this site lately so some are just being extra careful.