The True Evil Of Bullying

In my life, I have always been an odd-one out, due to a physical disability that I have. At my primary school, I was liked by lots of my classmates, and people were kind to me, but I did see some mean girls. The mean girls would always call me ugly and be mouthy to me. But my old school was a pretty good experience, but when I went on to secondary school, I got bullied very badly, so badly that I would turn up freaking out and having a panic attack. I really didn't want to be there. There were these very nasty boys who kept hitting me with pencils and shouting in my ear, and they were always laughing at me and calling me a retard. They also used to throw food at me, like oranges and sandwiches and even throw their drinks at me. I had a friend (not a true friend though!) called Chanielle (her name is a combination of Danielle and Chanelle) she would be nice to me one minute, and then turn on me the next, shouting at me for no reason and getting very bitchy. Plus she would sit there staring at me with daggers. She didn't help the bullying, she would induce it by always trying to hang out with me. She had quite big teeth and big glasses, so everyone used to call her a rabbit and call her a retard. I didn't want to be friends with her at first, because I found a lovely girl who was kind and I thought we'd be friends, but one of the teachers made me go and sit down the front of the classroom with Chanielle. Anyways, the bullies would pick on both of us, but first, they were being horrid to Chanielle.....But then they started on me, and even though I told the teachers, they didn't do nothing about it, and I got told off for "provoking" the bullies! How stupid is that?? A totally innocent girl gets accused of annoying her bullies!?? WTF. This nasty bullying went on for ages, I would be walking down the hall, being pushed and punched by these dirtbag boys, and everyone would be calling me names, laughing at me, and the teachers wouldn't even care, even if they were in the hall. The halls used to get packed full of people, so packed that you couldn't move (which was stupid) and you'd get people forcing other people to move, like pushing them across the floor (if you fell over, you'd either be trampled or literally dragged by some stupid twit, laughing his head off and acting like some troll. I just couldn't face the verbal abuse and physical abuse anymore, so I told my parents that I wanted to get out of school and move to another. First of all, they were skeptical about it, they weren't sure what to do, so we went for a meeting at the hell-hole (I've always called the school the hell-hole ever since I left) we went there, and we talked about the evil behaviour that was going on around classes and lunchtime, but the teachers said that they "couldn't" Guarantee that they could do anything, so I said "stuff you!!" and I told my parents I wanted to be home-schooled, and I am home-schooled. Bullying is absolutely disgusting behaviour, no one on this Earth deserves to be treated like that, and I'm so sorry to those of you who have been bullied like that, I know how dreadful it is. I still have serious nightmares, nightmares about me having to go back to that place, but that is sooo NOT going to happen!!!It ruined my confidence, gave me a depression disorder, and no I suffer with social-anxiety and I just can't speak to people. That's why I'm glad I have EP, because so many people share the same experiences as me, and all of my friends on here are very kind and I am so happy to have them. I HATE BULLIES!!!
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Thank you for sharing your experience :) I don't want to believe that there are teachers who would say that. "Provoking bullies" is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard. No one ever has any right to be a bully, no matter how "provoked" they are. <br />
You sound like you've come to peace with a lot of it from your lack of absolute anger :) That gives me hope.

yea i was bullied to and ended up home schooling

That is soooo wrong, That school is so useless.The teachers their shouldent even be teachers if they dont care about ALL their pupils. Im soo sorry that you had to go through that sweetie , Believe me if you had a friend like me in that school, things would be different for you :) Believe it or not, i was bullied alot in primary school too, People would call me ugly all the time, But now i know that the were just jealous of me, those girls that bullied me try to be my friends now! If you ever need aything, You know were to find me :) BTW you say you have physical disablility, Well i think your beautiful, Not phyically cause i never saw you before lol but you have a great personality, You care, your a great friend andyour brave for leaving that school. I think that your personality is far more beautiful than mine, and as Taylor said " If your lucky enough to be different, dont ever change.