Not A Total Loss

I am a musician first of all...have been for years. I started song writing seriously almost 20 years ago and singing them. This actually quickly landed me a trip to Nashville for an "Audition". Of course, being a young artist, I jumped at the chance, so I drove down there for it, and was suddenly bombarded with all of this money I had to pay to continue through the process.

The next thing that came up was a "Talent Show" in Branson, which I didn't win...but it landed me an exhibition spot, weekly, on the show during the so called judging.

Again and again, I would join singing contests, talent shows, kareoke contest (a few of these I did win) and things of that nature. I quickly found out that the majority of these things, the winners were predetermined, as I found out with my last experience. I have a good friend that is a club owner here where I live who was holding one such contest. There was an indy label guy working the entire area as the host of it. Anyway, my friend contacted me, and told me that I needed to do this, but I wouldn't win. He was right. I didn't win...but the guy signed on as my "manger". Turned out to be a hokey deal. Six trips to nashville later...I came home and put every piece of musical equiptment I owned, out on the lawn with a sign that said free to good home...thank God nobody took me up on that, as I would be lost without my guitars

Since then, I have been in a few different bands, and have started writing some really good music. The band I am in now, is new, but I feel like we're on the right track...and I'm very comfortable playing with the guys in the band...all very talented musicians. Anyway...I haven't given up on my dream at all. I remain extremely optimistic as I have learned a lot through the scams and failures, and it makes me a better musician for all of it...does it make me more cautious about things...yeah, somewhat...but does it stop me from trying to do something with my music and trying to get the band out there....hell no!!! I will always pursue my music and try to break into the industry in one way or the other. Life is good when I'm making music...very good!!!!!!
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There are many cruel people in this world who do nasty things. It's sad that you met up with people who were dishonest. You are like me motivated and determined. Those are good qualities to have.<br />
<br />
Did you read the poem I put on under my experiences called Don't quit. It is fitting for people like us.

keep at it God Bless