A 4th degree burn affects the heart, and some victims never really heal.  I have been burned to the fourth degree.

Someone I loved, who once loved me nearly killed me with a single sentence.  In doing so, she gave me a life sentence. 

Because of that burn, I'm hesitant to trust females, especially straight-as-an-arrow females.  Because of that burn, I'm slow to tell female friends that I'm bi, and when I do I brace for rejection.  Because of that burn, a part of my spirit is crippled.

In time I healed somewhat.  I can (with effort) trust other women, I can (with effort) be open and relaxed about my sexuality.  I can move with and around the scarring in my soul.

But because of that burn, a bit of my heart will forever be charcoal. 
Plaid Plaid
31-35, F
Mar 30, 2011