Work Takeover

I'v always had a strong work ethic honestly. I certainly have perfectionist qualities in me which come out more often then not. That, combined with my insatiable hunger for the next biggest and brightest thing, often leads me to forget about eating, sleeping and what day of the week it is (just kidding about eating of course =P). And I get into these swings once every few months without fail. I'l lock myself in my room with a laptop and some wifi and spend 24 hours a day doing sales analysis, research on products and obsessive over detail. Life of a saleswoman is largely up to herself. I set my own hours, work as little or long as I want and take responsibility for all the costs.

Recently I'v trimmed the product lines that I sell as best as I can so I can free up some time for the more profitable lines, but more importantly, more free time to research new products.

Through all this sorting and deleting I'v had little 'me' time, but again, thats normal for me. In fact, its gotten so bad I almost wore the same blouse twice in one week AND almost repeated the same color eye shadow the next day.

Now that nothing to most people but for someone who is as particular about things like that as I am, its a big deal.

That all being said I'm giving a presentation this week and couldn't be happier. I love feeling productive and prepared. Lets hope this work doesn't kill me!
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1 Response Dec 7, 2012

from the way you described, you sound prepared! i hope you knock them dead;) you have to tell me how it goes