Really too much to put down here...I've reunited with the mother of my son, kinda; got a new job, had a billion thoughts and feelings that amounted to nothing much. Oh yeah, just finished summer session in college; that's the big one! Advice: NEVER TAKE MATH IN THE SUMMER. I was averaging 5 hours of homework a damn night, got a tutor and cut that down to 2 or 3 hours. Soooo glad to be done and I got a B overall.
As for the reunion situation, she and I finally stopped attacking each other and started talking. I still care about her and she cares about me too...forgiveness was hard. But I've never met anyone as special as her or anyone who understand me and still can tolerate it. Can't say I love her like I use to, but I would love to build something better than that.
Glad to be back. Sorry for neglecting this pretty little site :-( But if it helps, school has killed my Facebook addiction as well.
jjsdaddy86 jjsdaddy86
31-35, M
Aug 15, 2014