Due To Age Was Called Maam

When my now ex wife decided I was not to be a man with her, she also decided i should look more feminine. She made sure I knew my breasts were to grow until they reached the size of her B cups.  She also had me engage in some exercises to help my buttocks be more pronounced.  Basically she felt if I was to act the part of a female with men  I should look the part also.

More than once, a fitting top has allowed some to conclude they were not looking at pectoral muscles.  Eyes have opened wider, and some have said maam to me while focused on my breasts.  I do not mind, and even enjoy it.
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I want my wife to dress as a man and make love to me (including whatever a man does to a woman AND finally pegging), while I am dressed as woman. I have never been called a girl. But I want my wife to call me by girly names while doing me. I will call her by male names.

I know getting some of the young men calling Maam not sure I like it but I do like the respect.

oh yes, you must

had to get used to the maple fragrence of fenugreek

just don't lose weight in your ****, haha

can always use herbs to help them stay visible

You really are more of a woman, right down to having a body like a woman

need exercise and lose some 20+ lbs and develope bettter butt

And you seem so good at it and to really prefer that, too

Its best to accept what was meant to be

I love what you have done with yourself and your stories about it. We should chat here on EP sometime soon

I learned that I was meant to be a female fore men who wanted a girlie male buddy

I think that is such a compliment, good for you

Sometimes they just are not hidden, and they can not be denied

that is great,haveing breasts, mine grew to a b cup after 2years on birth control.from my first wife.