I Am God Of Several Things

As I grow older I acquire new "God" abilities.

I think my first God like talent, was "God of Rigging".

I worked as a diver in the oil industry and I was exceptional at rigging objects so they lifted evenly.

A VERY useful skill when playing with multi ton objects underwater.

This talent got me on a "Hot shot" dive crew that flew around the planet fixing underwater problems.

I switched careers when "death in deep water" was on the horizon of the diving industry.

I went into films and became a "Lighting GOD". It just came to me naturally.

I was fortunate to study with 3 Oscar winning cameramen and had a full career as that GOD.
I even trained someone who won and Oscar for cinematography.

"God of Film and Video technology" was the next one.

My phone never stopped ringing with people needing a problem solved.

As my children grew up, all her friends called me GOD. I was always on the phone and the kids always had to explain that I was fixing someones movie, and that I was the "God of Film"

It stuck. all her friends, 20 years later, still address me, "Hey god, what's up"

I retired.
I still get many calls as "God of Film and Video technology"

I have added "God of Rice" & "God of Healthy eating"

I make a mean brown rice, perfect every time, and if you cook rice (not uncle Bens) you know that that is an achievement.

I went to a nutritionist last month who told me that in his 10 years as a nutritionist, he had never met anyone who eats better.
If I had a heart condition or was diabetic, my diet would not need to be changed.

I am currently working on becoming God of the Internet.

califcon califcon
56-60, M
May 24, 2012