I Really Don't Care Though

Stepdad: So... Who do you talk to at school?

Me: Um, no one.

Stepdad: *Long pause* And at work?

Me: No one.

Stepdad: Why not?

Me: I'm not going to school or interning at the facility to make friends. I'm there to earn my certificate and that's it. Anything else is just a distractions.

Stepdad: *Jaw dropping before taking another long pause* Snob.

That actually didn't upset me. He doesn't know all my reasons for me not making any attempts to make new friends and I'm certainly not about to enlighten him. That's my business and it's my decision if I want to make friends or not. As long as I'm being polite to people, that's what should matter, not how many friends I'm making. I am very capable of going through life with a limited number of friends. I'm a little more independent than most people and don't mind doing things by myself and on my own in my own terms and if that makes me a snob, then damn right I'm a snob.
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I was the same way at the my one job outside the home. if I happen to click with someone there, hey, great, but at the end of the day, it's a job and I'm there to work. So long as I don't go out of my way to be unpleasant to people and do my job, what's the problem?

Each of us is who we are. Some of humanity has a need to be "popular." Some do not have that need.<br />
Some of us have interests that are so "different" from most we would be either wasting our time courting the crowd or putting ourselves in danger. <br />
When I do see someone with similar tastes, I can, if I wish, initiate conversation and go from there. I have friends. I am glad to have them. But I am not counting....<br />
There is a question of "authenticity" here.

Ugh, parents, lol. But that was funny! XD<br />
<br />
One can't even be antisocial without being called a snob anymore... Or standing up to a snob without being put on the same level as the snob.