I have been called a snob my whole life, lol .. I have been called cold, a *****, mean, etc.
The truth is that I build a wall around myself I don't open up as easily because I dont feel like I should reveal everything about me without knowing if the person is trust worthy.
I do have a temper but overall I am a nice, empathic, kind person.
This is so funny hahah :) ... in highschool during my senior year titles were attributed to people like "most athelic" or "most artistic".
I had two titles "most snob" and "most beautiful eyes".
I believe that people who are snob or who seem snob are people that have opened up to others and got really hurt afterwards.
Or maybe they are just stuck up and they dont deserve your attention.
Either way dont be so quick to judge I happen to be a really good friend to be I actually open up too.
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frankly from what you say, i would say you went to school with idiots

You sound like a lovely person, not a snob at all. 'Tis a terrible thing to be misunderstood, but hey it's their loss for not taking the time to truly get to know who you are on the inside.

Those were your senior year titles? Quite interesting having that combination, it makes you wonder what people truly thought about you.<br />
<br />
But yeah, a lot of stand-offish people aren't snobs; they just haven't opened up yet.