Don't care if I am one to be honest, can't believe I got threatened and called a **** by a poor homeless man for minding my own business and having a moody face, scum bag, don't have no sympathy for homeless people simply cause there's a reason why there poor and got
No where to live. Hates them scums!!
saneelax saneelax
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1 Response Aug 18, 2014

So everyone who lives on the street is there by their own fault and that makes them scum? Have some compassion. Some people have been forced into the position through no fault of their own.

No I was referring to British homeless there's a different between the ones in Britain and in other countries, they get handouts and a free house, where people who work get taxed and goes to people like them, yet again they go and spend That money on drugs and alcohol, when it's meant to be for food house etc, so why should anyone feel sorry for them.

It makes no difference what country you are referring to, Im British myself so assumed that this was the country you were on about anyway. All I can say is everyone's entitled to their own opinion but to generalize an entire group of people in this description is to me absurd. Like I said have some compassion, not everyone falls into this category because most get no handouts no free housing and barely enough to feed themselves. Do you research if you think otherwise. You have clearly just had a 'rant' on the internet because 1 person was out of line in the way they acted.