3 Times Actually

Three people called me a "waste of a life" today. I can't say I disagree. But definitely not for the same reason. They said it because I don't do things normal people do. Like go to Senior Prom, or date, talk a lot during school, hang out with friends. Do drugs (that I didn't care too much about), never seen a naked girl before (really, come on people!!) 

I hate it when that happens. Just because I'm not like other Seniors...

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2 Responses Dec 1, 2009

It doesn't matter like you said your young enough that if these things are important like sex they will eventually be a part of your life. To be honest the kids that say that you are a waste of life will realize one day likely induced by premature aging that they have wasted their life and wont be living as long to make up for time wasted.<br />
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When i got out of school and entered the adult world things drastically changed for me. No one judged me on the same things i was judged on, there was many more people who were like me, and the women realized in their thirties that they actually want guys like me, despite that most of the ones who rejected me in school are way to warn out for my liking, lucky me as a 27 year old i can now date gorgeous women in their 30s.<br />
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Im a musician, ive partied hard luckily i got out of my partyting phaze because some of the people ive partied with are now cocaine addicts and are trapped in party mode they are not doing so well. I'll admit i do drink occasionally 8 times this year. I also smoke the ganja, but neither of those things make my life any more exciting or worthwhile then any others.<br />
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You are alive and experiencing, that is what counts you are not wasting your life. But when you get older and you start to see more and more of the "cool" crowd as decrepit alcoholics who can barely take care of themselves you will come to see that you made a good choice by not living by others standards, and its ok to feel good about that. <br />
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Besides the majority of the kids that are calling you a waste are likely just brainless conformists who haven't decided what life means to them and are living someone elses standard like the cliche they are. By doing so, they are not likely to truly become well educated. Believe me the guys that were geekier then i in school are now making 6 figure income and are living a great life where they can go traveling and stuff because they put in the effort when they were young and ignored the jerks who tried hard with humiliation to get them to conform, or who tried to make themselves look better by making another feel bad. Which those who do the latter really have a rough time in the adult world.<br />
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I think im a little worked up about this, dealing with this kind of crap had a lasting impression on me. I dont like to see it happen to others.<br />
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My recommendation, is laugh and say we'll see, we have a long time left to live.

Why can't you say you disagree? <br />
What I see in you is a person who's biggest pleasure in life is to help others. That's a wonderful way to be. If more people were like that instead of being totally self-serving this world would be a much better place. You're a shining example of a compassionate and caring individual. You don't follow the crowd, like a sheep. You don't spend all your time focussing on yourself and serving yourself. You do for other's as you'd hope others would do for you. In my opinion you're a great guy, and would make a great role model for anyone.