Many Times ...

When someone calls me an angel I show them the place where my wings are just starting to come through ... they're just about an inch or so through my shoulderblades now and it will probably take about another six months or so for them to finish growing.  

I can see that shopping for clothes is going to become a problem shortly.

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7 Responses Mar 13, 2010

yes it is a beautiful song ... fantastic lyrics ... a wonderful poem. I prefer early Genesis to the later material. I liked early Peter Gabriel too, a very clever man.

I flew to places which the clouds never see<br />
Too close to the deserts of sand<br />
Where a thousand mirages, the shepherds of lies<br />
Forced me to land and take a disguise<br />
I would welcome a horse's kick to send me back<br />
If I could find a horse not made of sand ...<br />
<br />
Great lyrics ... thanks for the reminder moonlitknight ... smiles and joy to you!!

I don't think anyone has ever called me an angel :).. My auntie who raised me, used to call me a "little devil"... are those lumps on my head-?--oh no--surely not horns!!!

yes sylph ... we can take many magical journeys together ... sounds wonderful. *hugs*

You are an angel, Bliss.......because I am a fairy. I have my wings already though...takes me to far away imaginary places........such a fantastic feeling. I shall wait for your wings to grow and we can fly together...........*hugs*

haha thanks josie ... yes, the wings are definitely getting there!

Yes you are! I believe you are my friend.