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I got caned whilst a boarder at Our Ladys convent in Abingdon Berkshire UK for talking about sex, i was 8 at the time and as boys do we where speculating on the diferences between girls and boys.One of the other boys had older sisters and he was the authority on girls, anyway we where grassed by someone not in our group a we all got six on the bum bareback from the whippy cane.i coud`nt sit down for a few hours and learnt a lesson to talk more discretely and away from others.They where Sisters of Charity, in all i enjoyed my 6 years a boarder and had my first sexual experience there.
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I was in school during the 60's. Received a few very-very sore canings and some other that wasn't soooo sore. I have written stories on some of them.<br />
I was also a teacher.

i was a boarder at Our lady"s Convent Abingdon/Oxford in the 60s. Punishments were not being hit with a cane. . but with a hairbrush on the tops of our legs or sometimes on the bare bottom.We always felt so ridiculed because you could see the huge red marks for hours after and we were so embarrased to walk around like this knowing everyone could see . The punishments were so often for things we did not do, I could go on about the for hours. I was 10, 11, and 12 years old at this time . After 11yrs old I was not hit again. the punishments were mainly thousands of line which we would try to write with 2 pens at a time. Washing and clothes were a big thing. a bath once a week and a clean pair of knickers only once a week, dresses clean once a fortnight. We wore overalls every afternoon after the day girls went home. absolutely dreadful as we got older but i believe most English boarding schools were like that. I would just have to get on with the homesickness and quiet inner struggles I would have with friends, being as good as I could so i could keep out of trouble and punishment , fitting in to routine and only being able to go out on Sundays for our collective walk hand in hand around Abingdon. However my memories of the school days are also good, excursions to castles and Shakespeare Plays.Sunday sweet shop, letters from home, some good playmates Being a boarder I would often have to stay over on long weekends where we would go out on picnics together wearing possibly a skirt made in our needlework class.We would sit in the woods on a big rug with our favourite nuns who had brought vegetable spread sandwiches and cordial for us, that is one of my fondest memories. Yes I would say boarding school has left me some fond memories but also with quite a few issues to solve but it also hardened me. However now I am finding I will often think back to those days and wonder why we put up with some of the treatment from our beloved nuns. I have been working and teaching for years but now have a position teaching jails and have a much better understanding of how the inmates feel because of my boarding school experiences.<br />
I would be interested to hear if anyone else has had these experiences or even if you may have been at this school at the same time as I was. would love to hear from anyone out there. I must say I remember all the names of my friends but in respect I will not type these in. I send all my best wishes to all of you and hope you are all living fufilled lives. love past 60s student

Thanks for your answer Cathy.<br />
I understand the teasing = very interesting and also stimulating. It's not necessary to be real sadistic to inflict a little playful pain. lol

I'm a sensual Mistress, not a sadistic Mistress, I like to tease more than inflicit pain.

Cathy, are you a real mistress? Do you give canings?

Okay I was just wanted to know, I went to regular school so all I ever got was a detention, they didn't use a strap or cane at my school, but we also didn't wear a school uniform, we got to wear whatever we wanted, within reason.

hello mistresscathy.<br />
in the lower school 11/14 years of age, most of the girls were in awe of the teachers and would not break school rules, if you did get caught, your form mistress would apply the slipper to your backside, normally six but if you had been caught before it would be ten.<br />
in the upper school especially the fifth and the two six forms lower and upper , we would sometimes push our luck, uniform/knicker checks were carried out once a week, it varied from week to week what day it was carried out. if checks carried out on monday it would be rare to get another one the same week(it happen on the odd time or two).some times the checks were carried out by a new trainee teacher not much older than us. they would give us a detention, or lines. if the check was carried out by a senior mistress, you had to report to the head mistress, or if she was not available, the head master, we seemed to have more uniform/knickers checks when the head mistress was not available.it was bad enough being sent the head mistress, even more so the headmaster( you avoided an invite to the headmadter study at all costs)<br />
if would like more full details let me know

It was the slipper at my Convent school

So what did they do at your school if they caught you wearing the wrong panties?

one of my cousins went to a very very strict convent school she had to wear a uniform which was checked clean shoes neat hair , length of skirt, correct coloured knickers etc etc.<br />
when she came over to our house one christmas, she is the same age as me, we talked about school and what we got up to, and what was the punishment if you done wrong,our school was severe ,but not as bad as her school, we would be about 17/18 at the time, and she told me she decided she would not wear school knickers that day,knicker check had been done the prevoius day( we had knicker check as well, and we also knew the penatly) it seem that when getting changed at pe lesson a nun had gone into the changing rooms and saw that she was not wearing correct knickers, she was told to go to the mother superior.<br />
when she arrived she foind two nuns with senior canes, she was told to bend over the desk, her skirt lifted and incorrect knickers lowered and she got thrashed from both sides she could not sit down for nearly a week, this caning was a week or two before christmas break, <br />
she lifted her dress up and showed me the marks that was still showing but fading.<br />
I was glad that i did not go to that school. it was bad enough at our school if you got caught wearing awlful non regulation navy blue knickers

My cousin, she got spanked with a small whippy cane