My Most Severe Caning

You already have the story of my first caning on here - a very mild affair (although I didn't think so at the time). I've just come across this account of the visit to my Headmistress when, rather than give me doses of hand, paddle and strap before finishing with the cane, she (and her assistant) applied only the cane (plus some humiliation) in one two-hour session.

I did find one thing ; this was the first time I had received a ‘cold caning’ – i.e., not having a hand spanking to warm up first. I’d been warned it would be more painful than usual, and it certainly was !

Thursday 26th July
I suppose you could say that today was “the day of the cane”. Well, it wasn’t intended to be, but that’s how it turned out !
I arrived at the usual time, sat and had tea with Miss C and Miss K. At our previous session, I had actually been taken unwell and had been forced to end it very early.
I was left to change into my school uniform – blouse, gymslip, navy knickers, white socks, blazer and tie, and reported to the Headmistress.
The story we had decided on was that I had actually absconded during my last visit to the Head’s study ; on my return home as a punishment I had been enrolled by my Uncle at a local Institution where I had studied for the previous four weeks under strict discipline. Headmistress (Miss C) enquired why I was wearing a gymslip and I explained that, although it was a mixed institution, everybody, boys and girls, wore the same uniform – Junior Girl’s. I had been kept in girl’s clothes at home as well. However, the institution could not arrange for me to take my exams, and I had therefore returned to apologise for last time and to ask the Headmistress if she would consider allowing me back. The Headmistress had apparently spoken to my "Uncle Charles", who had confirmed that Allan was to remain in girl’s clothes until further notice.
Allan explained that on the previous occasion he had become anxious when the Headmistress had said she was going to sissify him, make him wear make-up and call him by a girl’s name (Rachael), and that she was going to make him attend class like that for (at the time) a week, as decreed by his Uncle.
Allan was told that he may return, as long as he accepted the rest of his punishment and also did not cause any trouble or bring the school into further disrepute. Miss Jones (Miss K) added that he should also write a letter to everyone associated with the school – pupils, teachers and Governors – apologising for his irresponsible behaviour. It was also decided that he should continue to be called Rachael. When Miss Jones suggested that he should have a name label he produced a necklace with the name, which he was made to put on.
So it was that “Rachael” found himself across the bench with his knickers down receiving an initial six strokes of the cane. A further six was then added, and then a further six, all the time Rachael being lectured about irresponsible behaviour, wastage of the Headmistress’s and of Miss Jones’ time, and the necessity of a boy having to dress as a girl, and how silly he looked.
I lost track of exactly how many strokes were delivered, but after a time the Headmistress decided that it was time for a coffee break, and that Rachael should sit a maths exam whilst they were absent. I felt reasonably confident about this – until I saw the questions, several of which asked for the square root of numbers such as 172.31, and others “add the answers to questions 1, 3 and 4” !
Anyway, Rachael was left alone to complete that. At one point I stood up to stretch my legs ; unfortunately the Headmistress chose just that moment to return, and accused me of being on the verge of absconding again. Therefore, after conferring with Miss Jones it was decided that I should be given a party dress to wear ; it was felt that, even if Rachael were willing to abscond in his gymslip, he would be terrified of anybody seeing him dressed like Little Bo Peep. So Rachael was dressed in the pink party dress his Uncle had been making him wear, with his pink tutu acting as a petticoat. He also had to wear his bra and his pigtail wig, and the Headmistress then applied makeup. Finally, Miss Jones produced a white mob-cap and placed it on his head.
The Headmistress had left whilst Miss Jones supervised Rachael’s dressing ; on her return, Rachael was lectured about his behaviour still further ; his exam was checked and it was found that he had only 3 out of 8 questions correct ; not surprising. Despite his protests he went back across the bench for a further dose of the cane. 
  • twelve for absconding last time ;
  • twelve for doing so poorly in the Maths test ;
  • six for making the excuse that he'd never been taught how to extract a square root and therefore blaming his poor result on his teachers ;
  • twelve for bringing the school into disrepute
  • six for wasting the time of Miss Jones who had to take time on a busy day to attend to me
  • twelve for wasting the time of the Headmistress.

Plus sundry 'extras' for moaning, groaning, whining.
Finally, after about 70 or 80 strokes of canes ranging from a thin whippy one which Miss Jones delighted in laying right at the top of his thighs, through a medium one to a heavy one the Headmistress described as her 'Dragon' cane and laid on with relish twelve times "as a reminder not to come back again" it was decided that Rachael should recite a nursery rhyme, and therefore he had to sing “Mary Has a Little Lamb” to the camera.
To finalise the humiliation, Rachael was made to change from his pink party dress into a blue gingham summer dress "to be taken back to class" - with an additional 12 strokes of the Dragon Cane and after giving appropriate thanks for not making him go back in the pink dress !
This left Rachael with a very severely caned bottom, with quite a few spots of blood, including one particularly nasty spot which he certainly felt for quite a few days after. (I will mention that Miss C was very careful about ensuring that the blood spots were all treated properly with antiseptic wipes and would have stopped well before had it appeared any serious or long-lasting damage were being done)

A very painful, thoroughly humiliating, afternoon – and I enjoyed every moment !



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This story is really thrilling.