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It was wednesday morning and i was alone in the apartment while my friends are in school.

My class starts at 1pm and my bf robert texted me that he was going to drop by around 11am.
So i immediately took a shower and put on my school uniform. My bf came at exactly 11am and he greeted me with a kiss. Since we just had a bad argument a week ago, unknowingly, we started kissing so passionately that we closed the door. I could not help but kiss him more deeply and wanting more.

So there we were laying side by side making out and hands going everywhere. I was so horny that i couldn't take it anymore.

I shared the studio apartment with three other girl friends. We had to hurry up because my friends might arrived soon. We were both nervous because we don't want to get caught. It was so hot, he was kissing my ear then whispered, "Let's go to the bathroom." Then he grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the bathroom.

Slamming the door shut and pushing me against the door, he begins kissing me hard and pulling my skirt up and grabbing my underwear and pulled them down, dropping them to the
floor. He slowly starts rubbing me down there. I could feel his finger inside me and I couldn’t help but moan. I was so wet. All I could do was grab his hair and hold on tightly to his neck until i reached climax.

All of this probably took about 30 minutes, after which i simply put on my underwear and we got out of the bathroom. Anyway, we went to bed and just layed there for a minutes breathing heavily. Between breaths i said that it was amazing. I thought just for a moment about giving him a ******* in return. I kissed him while i began undoing his belt and unzipped his pants. He was so hard and i started to stroke him. He pushed my head down towards his groin and when i was about to lick and suck him the door opened and then closed again. As if someone was outside the door. So my bf immediately zipped his pants and exactly the door
opened again and saw my two girl friends april and cel. It was so awkward and embarrassing but good thing we weren't  caught on that kind of situation that was about to happen before they arrived.
My friend april was smiling and then she told me,
"Next time you should lock the door  .."

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Hmh! sounds like a quickie sex,did you meet again to satisfy your burning passions

So did you locked the door next time onwards?


Got me horny xoxoxo :)

does sound very sexy

lock the door lol

Great story.. enjoyed it

hahaha...great story! thanks for sharing!