My Roommate

Living in college dorms is never quiet. The walls are thin enough that you can almost make out entire conversations if people are not careful. My room mate is a much more private person than I am. I wouldn't call myself an exhibitionist, but I am very comfortable with my body.

The very first day of college move-ins in my freshman year my roommate had already arranged the furniture of our dorm so that we each had a separate side and had hung a blanket from the ceiling to block the view into her side when she was changing or sleeping. I was rather amazed at the lengths to which she was going to secure her privacy but shrugged it off.

By the end of the month I had several friends with benefits that I was seeing regularly. My roommate knew that I was a very sexually active lesbian and she was as straight as they come. Out of respect for her feelings I only brought my friends back to our room when I knew she would be out at class or one of the many clubs and sports she was involved in. (Makes me wonder how she handled the locker room if she couldn't handle changing in front of me even before she new I am a lesbian).

Anyway, over the coarse of the first semester she must have walked in on me and my friends having sex every way two women can do it, from just each other to my ******* and other toys. Once, right before Christmas break, my friend was laying on her back wearing the ******* and I was riding it cowgirl. I had just *** and was laying down on my friends chest with the **** still inside me gently licking her breasts as I calmed down from my ******. We heard a quiet little moan from the door. I looked over my shoulder and saw my roommate, head thrown back, one breast out of her shirt, the nipple wet with her saliva, and a hand down her unzipped pants still playing with herself as she came. Once she came back down to earth and noticed we had seen her, she ran into her curtained of side of the room. My friend and I locked eyes and tried not to laugh as we went right back to enjoying each other's bodies with new inspiration. From the other side of the room we heard an occasional moan or gasp and we smiles at our not quite so straight voyeur.
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Would you add me please?

I am straight as they come, have no interest in guys... but an totally turned on by girl on girl.

Another very sexy post - love it.

You are damn hot and your roomate can't help to resist it!! Nice experience.

So after that did you stop trying to schedule it for times when she was gone?

Yeah, and I think that might be why she moved to a different room mid way through Spring semester that year. My new roommate is much easier to get along with. She is definitely straight, but isn't afraid I'll "turn her gay". We even have a sort of schedule going were some nights she can bring her boyfriend over and some nights I bring my girlfriends over and a few of neither.

Love your story!

Wow! That is a very hot story! I went to college at Florida State and had a few crazy experiences with my roommate too! I am wet now! Thanks!

please tell us, and youi sound like a great story teller, a picture of you would add to your literary career.....

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