Caught By Mum

back when i was 18 and living with my parents me and my boyfriend were laying in my room .

back then my parents always said keep your door open and your hands to your self but a sex scene came on and we started to get pretty frisky

so there we are laying on my bed with the door open horny as anything so caught up in the moment we slide my panties and my pj shorts to the side and he slides himself into me

we got so caught up in the heat of the moment we didn't hear my mum walk up the hallway

so im trying not to moan out loud from the hottest sex and the next we hear is mum saying oi you two stop cuddling and separate omg did we hurry to fix our selves up lucky we left my clothes pulled up to this day mum still thinks we were only spooning
beautifullittlebutterfly beautifullittlebutterfly
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3 Responses Sep 16, 2012

I missed my husband... I'm getting wet.. Aaahhh.... What should I do.?

Wow, very hott

Nice... When your in the heat of the moment .. U never no what's going to happen lol. Your just in the zone. If that was me I would have probably kept on going and ignored her :)

we did end up getting back to it, we both caught our breath and waited till mum went back down the other end of the house