Still Remember It

It happened when i was 13 and we moved to a new house and after two day since i moved to a new house i saw this girl she is about 14 and she was hanging around with my sister and i wanted to speak to her but she was always with my sister so 1 day she came to my house and i was just watching Tv and she asked me if should could use the toilet and i said sure then i looked around and followed her in there and when she saw me at first she looked a bit shocked but then i said to her u have been coming to my house a lot lately are u after something i said and she didn't say anything she just started kissing me and one thing let to another i was banging her from behind and out of nowhere my maid just opened the door and boom she saw everything and she just said sorry for disturbing and just left and to this day i can't talk to her a lot because am still embarrassed lol
kakuma1 kakuma1
22-25, M
Nov 26, 2012