Playing Hooky

We're in transition in my family. Employment has shifted, and we're scrabbling to pull in as much as we can, as fast as we can to offset some unavoidable bills before the holidays.

My wife, who lost her well-paying job, has immediately registered for substitute teaching in the school system. While not paid anywhere near as well as the full-time teachers, it's a challenge that is unique. No two days are the same and you're always in a different building, a different room with a different age group. It's much harder than it sounds, especially if you are unfamiliar with the subject matter to be taught.

I, on the other hand, have a week off due to the holiday, so I am sleeping in.

So, today, the wife has to get up early to go substitute teach. She tells me as she disturbs my sleep that she had received word that she will be subbing for a choral music instructor, who asks that she play piano to accompany the choir to practice. Only problem is that she doesn't play which case it is going to be a study hall for the class today. As she was planning to screw me this morning, this news that she is working is a mixed blessing, as we need the cash, but will miss the sex.

But additionally, she has been told that there are only two classes for her to conduct. This means easy money for a day for just working two hours to babysit the two classes.  You can imagine my surprise, three hours after she got up and jostled the bed, to feel her climbing back into the warm comfy bed. She was totally naked.

Without so much as a hello, she was on me, kissing and stripping me. My **** immediately sprang to attention, as she bent to give me a quick blow job and assure that I was fully erect.
Then she swung one leg over my torso, and backed down onto my erection... inserting it into her wet *****, she started rocking and thrusting forcefully.

So, I asked her what was going on, that I thought she was teaching this morning. She replied between gasps that she had been, but that the teacher had only two classes and so, she was free the rest of the day. She said she kept thinking of me laying warm in the bed all during the study-halls that she was conducting, and was getting turned on at the thought that she could come home and screw me. I told her that I had been having an erotic dream just before she climbed in and made it real for me.

So, she kept riding me, building closer and closer to her ******. With a couple of lunges, she came loudly, moaning, and grinding her **** and ***** against my groin. Then, as her climax subsided, she leaned forward and grabbed my hands, pinning them to either side of my head, and started thrusting even harder.

She knows that she's got me trapped by this move, and that she can take me as fast or slow, hard or soft as she likes, and so she starts shoving my **** toward the edge, building toward my climax. There's not much I can do, except enjoy this steam engine that is thrusting, riding me and about to make me come and explode in her *****. I can tell that she's building to a second ****** as she continues to grind against me and I'm only a half a dozen thrusts away from spurting my juices myself.... WHEN THE PHONE RINGS.

Ordinarily, we'd ignore it and just keep on *******... but the insistent ring is coded and programmed into the phone to be the school system. It's how we know that it's urgent and probably means work.

So, she releases my hands, and sits up just as I'm about to come, and rests, impaled on my large ****, as she reaches for the cordless phone and answers it. For a few moments, after confirming that it's her, she listens and just says, "Yes, I see. No one told me that. I'll be ready in five minutes and right there."

My heart sinks as she hangs up and says, "That was the school superintendent. They forgot to tell me that the choral teacher switches buildings after her first two classes and goes to the middle school. There are classes there where I have to be. It's five minutes away."

As my heartbeat slows and I catch my breath, I say, "So you have to go now?"

"Not quite," she replies, "I've still got five minutes to get you off." And she starts thrusting even harder now.

My **** instantly springs back to full attention with this renewed attention, but I think I've lost my edge, so I say, "I think I'm not going to come now after all."

Without a break, she swings a leg off me, and pivots, facing my **** and says, "No way, big boy." She grabs my wet hot **** and begins pumping with one hand and with the other rotating the flat palm of her other hand across the naked exposed head.

This drives me crazy, and the intensity drives me up and over the edge. I come loudly, shouting and bucking on the bed as my seed shoots out and coats her hand, making my head even more sensitive and painful. I scream with delight as my ***** runs down her hands and coats my groin. Finally, after what seems another minute, I finish pulsing and twisting, and collapse against the bed, exhausted.

"Oh, but that was a really good climax," she complements me. She jumps off the bed and runs naked to the bathroom calling over her shoulder, "and the best part is that it's not running out of my *****." She washes her hands, pulls on her clothes and bolts for the door. "I've got to be in the classroom in five minutes," she says.

"If you're a good boy and still here after school, maybe the teacher will come back to give you some after school lessons too!"

I collapse, exhausted on the bed, unable to imagine anything more intense that what I've just been put through. A teacher playing hooky to screw her boyfriend. What an image. I could just imagine everyone sharing their tales during "Show and Tell".

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Oh my gosh...that was so hot. I'm very jealous of your "schooling", young man...